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Digital Products

Term Deposit Account

Add value to your savings with favorable interest rates of the Term Deposit Account!


  • With the Term Deposit, you can safely build up your savings, whether it is investments in Turkish Lira or in foreign exchange.
  • You can benefit from favorable term deposit interest rates by choosing the best rate and term for you.
  • You can open a "Broken Term Deposit" account, if you want, for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, or for a certain period from 1 day to 365 days.
  • With Deposit on the Web, which you can open through the Internet Branch, you can benefit from interest rates more favorable than in our branches. Click here for term calculation.
  • 200,000 TL of the deposit accounts are under the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a term deposit account?

Opening a term deposit account at DenizBank is easier than you think it is. You can easily open a term deposit account through phone banking, online banking or our branches. You can call 0850 222 0 800 for phone banking, or access online banking here.

What is a term deposit account?

In the term deposit account, you can capitalize on your savings in Turkish Lira, USD or Euro in the safest and most profitable way. You can benefit from the high interest rates of gold or other currencies in the term deposit transactions that you make through our branches.

With Deposit on the Web, which you can open through the Internet Branch, you can benefit from flexible term options and high interest rates of up to 14.80% per year in your TL investments.

You can safely invest in the Gold Term Deposit Account full of opportunities and free from risks such as theft, loss and fraud. This way, you can both protect your gold and profit from the increase of gold value and the interest income.

In what terms can I evaluate my savings?

You can deposit your savings in term deposit accounts for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in order to benefit from DenizBank's advantageous world. If you want to invest in more flexible conditions, you can deposit your savings into a Broken Term Deposit Account by selecting the desired period from 1 day to 365 days.

How can I calculate term interest rates?

The interest rates you will receive varies depending on the term periods you choose. Click here for term calculation.

What should I take into consideration when closing deposit accounts?

When closing a deposit account, you must send a written order to our branch and forward your bank book to our bank. Otherwise, your bank book will become invalid because you have closed your account with the balance specified in it.