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MobilDeniz allows you to carry out all your banking transactions 365 days a year, 24 hours a day from anywhere you like by connecting to the address through your GPRS-enabled mobile phone or pocket PC.

Account Information

. Demand deposit (YTL) Accounts
. Demand deposit (Foreign Currency) Accounts
. Time Deposit (YTL) Accounts
. Time Deposit Foreign Currency Accounts

Credit Card Transactions

. Credit Card statement
. Credit Card payment

Investment Transactions

. Stock Portfolio Information

Money Transfers

. Wire between own accounts
. Wire between two accounts
. Registered EFT

To use MobilDeniz you only need to be AçıkDeniz user. To login use your AçıkDeniz username, eParola ve AçıkDeniz password.

Yes. MobilDeniz can be used by Corparate customers.

You can view and print e-receipt for all your transactions by choosing the e-Receipt under the “Account Management” menu at the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch.

Yes, you will earn DenizYıldızı when yo do transactions via AçıkDeniz

You can login by using all mobile phones supporting WAP 2.0 and SSL with the address and GPRS settings must be done.
To find out about the GPRS connection settings provided by your operator, please contact your GSM operator.

Yes, through operators (in abroad) which are in agreement with your mobile phone operator, you can use DenizBank GPRS Banking from abroad as well.

SMS Verification and ŞifreTek are only valid at the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch. Since different security measures are employed for GPRS Banking, SMS Verification and ŞifreTek are not used.

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