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Opportunity to earn bonus up to 200 TL!

Apply for Deniz Bonus now and your card will come at your door!

Campaign Validity Date
Where can I join the campaign?

Campaign Details

  • Customers who apply for a Deniz Bonus credit card through,, Mobile Deniz, mobile web page or DenizBank Facebook page between October 1 - 31, 2020, get their card approved and spend over 100 TL for the first time with the card until November 20, 2020 will receive a Bonus of 50 TL.
  • Bonuses earned from the special offer will be loaded to the corresponding Bonus card on November 30, 2020.
  • If not used, bonuses earned from the special offer will be revoked on December 10, 2020.
  • The cardholder earns a certain amount of bonus according to the amount they have spent, the details of which are specified in the table below.
  • To earn an additional 150 TL bonus, you must make a commitment to spend at least 4.000 TL per month for 12 months. You can see other options of bonus for spending commitment in the table below.
  • A one-off bonus is loaded on the card with a monthly spending commitment. As you spend, you can continue to earn bonuses from purchases.
  • In order to apply, your card debt must have been paid regularly every month in retrospect, or you must not have delayed any debt payment.
  • The commitment must continue for 12 months.
  • In case of purchases on installment, not the total amount of expenses on the first date of purchase but each installment amount will be included in the monthly commitment amount that you must spend within the scope of Bonus for Your Commitment.
  • The offer begins with the first statement period after the day you commit to spend. However, if there are less than 25 days between the date you accepted the offer and the statement closing date, your offer will start on the following statement period.
  • The Bonus for Your Commitment offer ends in the event of the following situations occurring as of your participation in the offer: The selected monthly spending commitment is not fulfilled for two consecutive months, you do not regularly pay your card debt, you delay the debt payment, your card is put on hold or the bank cancels and not renews your card due to violation of the provisions of the credit card membership agreement you have signed with our bank. When the offer ends, the bonuses that you have not used will be revoked. If the bonuses are used, the debt amount will pass on to your card according to the number of months remaining in the offer.
  • Actual cardholders can benefit from this offer. Net Card, D-Sarj, Pension Bonus, Professional Cards, Site Cards, Institution Cards, Campus Cards, Foundation/Association, Fancy Bonus credit cards are not included in the offer.
  • The monthly spending commitment amount cannot exceed the card limit and is up to your maximum available card limit.
  • Each credit card has the right to participate in the bonus offer once during the commitment period.
  • Commercial cards and commercial card holders will not be able to benefit from the offer.
  • Cash advance from credit card and installment cash advance are not included in the offer. Only shopping transactions will be included in the offer.
  • Regular credit card payment orders and automatic payment orders are also included in the offer.
  • If you spend less than the amount of expenses you commit monthly, you must complete the missing amount in the next month. Your campaign period will last until the month you fail to meet your commitment.
  • The monthly commitment amount must be spent between the day after the first statement closing date of the payment order and the next statement closing date.
  • The offer may extend if you change the statement closing date of your credit card.
  • Each customer can benefit from our offer once a year. Customers who have received a credit card from the same offer before in the last year and then cancelled their card will not be able to benefit from the offer by applying for a new card.
  • In order to benefit from the offer, you must not have any of the existing open-status DenizBank personal credit cards at the time of application.

Where Can I Apply?