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Net Card

Everything is Crystal Clear!

General Information

You step into a brand-new world with the new member of DenizBank family, Net Card. You are now the owner of your card!


The Features of Net Card

  • There is no annual card fee!
  • The Net Card owners cannot enjoy the plus instalment and statement bonus campaigns exclusive to Bonus.
  • Net Card has a contactless card feature.
  • Contactless transaction advantage is offered for expenses up to 750 TL

Where to Apply for Net Card

  • Internet Banking
  • MobilDeniz
  • DenizKartım Application
  • DenizBank ATMs
  • 0850 222 0 800 Call Center
  • SMS*

*Type NET space TR ID number space your date of birth in the YYYY/MM/DD format and send it to 3280 and we will call you.

DenizBank Net Credit Card Payment Points

Going to Branches If You Wish

  • Through all DenizBank branches and Internet Banking ATMs,
  • All Practical points*
  • All Garanti Bank branches and ATMs*,
  • All PTT branches and ATMs*.
  • All ICBC Turkiye branches*.

Wherever You Are

  • Other banks via EFT,
  • From your DenizBank account through automatic payment order,
  • 08502220800 Telephone Banking,
  • DenizKartım application,
  • Internet Banking.

*A fee will be charged to your statement for the payments you will make through this points. Click here for the current fee information.

Legal Obligations Regarding Your Credit Card

  • Your credit card is kept closed during courier delivery for your security.
  • Once you receive your card, you can start using your card on the same day by getting an SMS* from our MobilDeniz and DenizKartım Mobile Banking applications. You can type SIFRE space 4-digit password you set yourself space the last four digit of your card and the last three figures at the back of your card to receive a password via SMS. Eg: SIFRE 1234 1234567).
  • With the regulation made in the Electronic Banking and Information Systems Regulation, as of 1 July 2020, our customers who have their mobile banking channels active can receive their card passwords through mobile banking channels instead of the SMS method.
  • Do not select your card password to be composed of numbers that are hard for you to recall or easy for the third parties to guess like your date of birth. You need to protect your card and your password information necessary to use your card, avoid sharing it with the third parties and take measures to keep others from using it.
  • In case your card gets lost or stolen or your password has been captured and you notice that your card has been used in any transaction that has taken place outside of your will, please call and notify 08502220800 Telephone Banking immediately.
  • You are responsible for the losses arising out of illegal uses which take place within 24 hours prior to loss/theft notification to be limited to 150 TL. This limit will not be applicable in case no notification is made and you will be fully responsible for the entire expenses. You can make sure that 150 TL which you will be responsible for in case of loss/theft is insured by an insurance company and if you wish you can call 08502220800 Telephone Banking to own this product through our bank.
  • You need to update your contact information changes within 15 days the latest through our branches, 08502220800 or Otherwise, you may not receive the notifications.
  • The Bank converts the expenses incurred by the Customer with card abroad and other fx transactions based on the monthly average exchange rate it will determine for these kind of expenses or for its fx sell rate on the date it has recorded in its account into TL. In foreign credit card transactions, the agreement of the Bank with the institutions is made in USD. The expenses of foreign expenditure are first converted into USD based on the conversion rates applied by the Visa International and/or MasterCard International which issue international cards, regardless of the original type of currency and then is charged to the Bank in USD to include the up to 3 percent commission they apply. The transaction fees charged by the institutions issuing this international card are charged by the Bank in USD or TL according to the customer preferences. The customer may pay for its debt in TL or USD. In the conversion of the sum converted to USD by Visa/MasterCard to USD and sent to the Bank through settlement the current fx sell rate of the Bank on the day the settlement is received will be used. The expenses incurred in foreign airports in Turkey can be issued in TL in the sales certificate as well as be mentioned in the account summary in USD. The expenses of the customer both domestically and internationally, the authorization costs regarding cash advance withdrawals are mentioned in the account summary (domestic authorization expenses are in TL, foreign authorization expenses are in USD account summary).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DenizBank Net Card?

Net Card is a retail credit card by which DenizBank offers a wider area to its customers and grants the ownership of the card fully to the customers.

What is the card fee? What will happen when I don’t pay for the card fee?

The card fee is a membership fee which starts as of the moment you request the card and is requested by banks in return of the service and cost fees as long as you use the card. With Net Card, DenizBank does not request any fee payment for your credit card starting from the process of receiving the initial primary card by removing the common membership fee approach. Thus, your credit card turns into a card for which you do not pay any fee and that is fully yours.

Where can I use my Net Card?

Net Card does not have any restriction in terms of its use. As long as you fulfill the legal obligations you can make a spending in any area with Net Card.

What are the legal obligations regarding Net Card?

Net Card has most of the legal obligations which a general credit card has. Click to receive further information on this subject.

I would like to apply for Net Card. Is there any special condition? Where can I apply?

The difference of Net Card with any other credit card is that it does not require any fee. Therefore, there is no special condition during application. To apply for DenizBank Net Card, you can apply online through your mobile phone by your side or easily apply through DenizBank branches with your TR ID card.