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ATM Transactions

Life is easier with DenizBank ATMs!

You can use DenizBank ATMs without a card!

Transactions with Card

Even if you do not have your card with you, you can perform your transactions 24/7 by pressing the "ENTER" button from the ATM via the "LOGIN by SMS" menu, using the password sent to your mobile phone.

Transactions without Card

  • Applications
    • Loan Application
    • Credit Card Application
  • Credit Card Debt Payment
  • Loan Repayment
  • Company Dealer Payments
    • Yurtiçi Kargo Payment
    • CP Piliç Payment
    • Little Caesars Payment
    • Aydınlı Group
    • Altun Gıda Payment
  • Payments and Top-ups
    • Marmara Uni-Multinet Top-up
    • Prepaid Card Loading
    • A-Kent Payments
    • Building/Maintenance Fee Payments
    • Bill Payment*
  • Money Depositing
    • By Entering Customer Number
    • By Entering Account Number
    • By Entering IBAN
    • By Scanning QR Code
  • Exchange Transactions

*Changes are transferred to the relevant institutions as donations at our ATMs where change is not provided.

Transactions with QR Code

  • Money Withdrawal with QR
  • Money Depositing with QR
  • Send Money with QR (Remittance)
  • Login to Online Banking (prelogin)