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MobilDeniz Banking Application

One-Click Mobile Banking: MobilDeniz

Download MobilDeniz

MobilDeniz! Scan the QR code on your phone and easily download MobilDeniz

General Information

With MobilDeniz, you can access to DenizBank products and services from your smart phones and realize your banking transactions in a fast and easy way, at any time and place.

You can use MobilDeniz from your iPhones, Android Phones.

After you install the application, you can start to use it with your Internet Banking username and e-password. If you select "Remember me", you can also log in without entering your username.

With your Dot lock password (ÇizGir), you can log in to MobilDeniz in a more fast and easy way without entering your username and e-password. If you activate Fast Track Login (TekŞifre) and obtain SMS verification password for once, the SMS verification will be realized by us and you will be able to enter MobilDeniz faster.

Fast and Easy Banking Experience!

Download with QR code

Perform all banking transactions 24/7 via
MobilDeniz! Scan the QR code on your phone and
easily download MobilDeniz

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mobil app

Fast and Easy Banking Experience!



  • You can track your assets on the main menu.
  • You can make EFT and transfer transactions at a low cost.
  • You can open and close checking or deposit accounts
  • You can write checks and bonds.
  • You can pay and control your bills and other payments.
  • You can place automatic payment orders.
  • You can make foreign exchange and mutual fund transactions.
  • You can make repo and bond/bill investment transactions.

Do It Without Going to a Branch

Whoever has MobilDeniz Also Carries DenizBank on Themselves!

If you are MobilDeniz customer, you can update your mobile phone number and ID information, unblock your sim card and call center and realize a number of transactions via telephone and internet banking by using ‘Do It Without Going to a Branch’ feature without having to go to a branch.

All you need is your new ID card and your NFC-supported phone.

It is this much easy to become a Denizbank customer!


Banking transactions of our corporate customers are gaining momentum with the MobilDeniz app as well. Corporate customers can check their accounts and view their account details in a practical way through the app. In addition, they can make transfers using the "Money Transfers" menu, and they can quickly conduct approval procedures through the "Corporate Approval" menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MobilDeniz?

MobilDeniz is a mobile banking application that allows DenizBank customers to perform daily banking transactions on their mobile phones in the fastest way possible.

How to download MobilDeniz?

With MobilDeniz, you can easily access Denizbank's products and services via your smartphone. You can start using mobile apps quickly and easily by downloading them for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

How to get a password for MobilDeniz?

If you are an online banking customer, you can easily log in to MobilDeniz with the same username and password.

If you have not logged in to MobilDeniz before, you can quickly create a password through MobilDeniz and start using the app immediately. To do this, you can click on the “Create User” button on the home page and enter your Turkish ID number, phone number, and card information.

How to use MobilDeniz?

After completing the password procedures, you have MobilDeniz and all the facilities it provides at hand! In addition, you can log in to the application much faster and more practically without having to enter information such as username, password, mobile verification code every time.

Thanks to MobilDeniz “Remember Me” function, once you have successfully logged in to the app, you can access your accounts without having to re-enter your username in subsequent uses.

The "Draw&Login" feature is also one of the fastest and easiest ways to log in to the app. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly log in to the app by drawing an icon that you will create yourself, saving yourself the trouble of remembering your password.

Customers who have a username and password can also speed up their MobilDeniz login by activating the “TekŞifre” feature. If you activate the "TekŞifre" feature, you will receive a one-time SMS verification password. SMS verification is performed by us when you log in to MobilDeniz later. Thus, you can complete your transactions by logging into your mobile bank much more easily and without wasting time.

What can you do with MobilDeniz?

Thanks to the MobilDeniz application, which offers its users a much faster mobile banking experience, you can access DenizBank products and services with one touch.

If you want to perform daily banking transactions such as EFT, wire transfer, credit card payments, foreign exchange transactions, manage your personal finance and access many more services quickly and effortlessly, just download the MobilDeniz application, which makes your life easier with constantly enriched transaction options, to your phone!

Even if you are not a DenizBank customer, you can use MobilDeniz, which has been renewed according to the latest design trends in order for you to have a better mobile banking experience. For example, you can quickly call the Contact Center, follow markets, track current exchange rates, and access stock prices. You can see the prices and rates of DenizBank products and services, calculate loans and deposits, and get directions by listing the nearest DenizBank ATMs and branches.

MobilDeniz also has a structure that allows you to change and edit menu sequences according to your priorities. In addition to following the current offers and special advantages of DenizBank, you can also easily access other mobile applications of Denizbank for your different financial needs via MobilDeniz.

What are the transaction limits and hours of MobilDeniz?

To learn more about transaction limit and hours, click here.