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DenizBank Internet Branch for Uninterrupted Service

A DenizBank branch open 24/7! If you have a debit or credit card, the Internet branch is with you at any time.

General Information

Developed with the latest technology and with new features you will find each day, online banking will save you the trouble of going all the way to the branch. You can access your bank accounts and make all your transactions in a secure environment with only a few clicks.  You can instantly create a user account, and enjoy digital banking!


  • With online banking, you can make many transactions, from account management to transfers, from card transactions to investment transactions.
  • The notification area is where you can track transactions in your account.
  • You can easily log in to Online Banking with your customer number and password.
  • Our customers who make transactions through DenizBank Online Banking benefit from world-class security measures.
  • You can store all your files in My Online Banking Vault.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account for Online Banking?

You can create a user and complete the process on the page to which you are redirected. After your password is sent to your phone number registered in the system, you can log in to DenizBank Internet Banking in three ways, with your username, card information, or your Turkish ID number, and make your transactions.

What transactions can I make via Online Banking?

With DenizBank Online Banking, you can make many transactions such as the following: account management, money transfers, card transactions, investment transactions, loans, insurance and pension transactions, bills and payments, participating merchant transactions, foreign trade transactions, cash management, leasing, applications, and security management.

I don't have a DenizBank credit card, can I use the internet branch?

If you don't have a DenizBank card, you can get a new password by clicking “I don't have a card” and entering your Turkish ID number.

What processes can I carry out by clicking the Create User and Forgot Password options?

  • You can sign up for Online Banking,
  • If you do not remember your Online Banking password, you can get a new password sent to your phone number,
  • If your Online Banking user information is blocked, you can unblock it.

I forgot my Online Banking password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, you can get a new password using your credit card or debit card numbers and passwords by clicking on the link without contacting any branch.

How can I make sure that Online Banking is secure?

When using DenizBank Online Banking, you log in with your customer number and password. After entering your information, the next page is protected by SSL encryption. Furthermore, there are additional security measures such as SMS verification. The following actions also ensure your security: changing your password on a regular basis, not sharing your card number and password with third parties and making a “safe exit” after your Online Banking transactions.

What are the advantages of My Online Banking Vault?

  • Even if your computer breaks down, you will not lose your files.
  • You can store all your files by type, date, or name.
  • You can access your files anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • My Online Banking Vault application is completely free.

What are SifreTek and Mobile Signature?

SifreTek is a one-time password given every time you log in to Online Banking. This way you can access DenizBank Online Banking by providing two-step verification.

Mobile Signature is an identity card that is used online and is equivalent to a wet signature. When logging into Online Banking, you can use either SifreTek or Mobile Signature at a time.

What should I do to get information and technical support on Online Banking?

You can get information and technical support on Online Banking at DenizBank's internet address or by calling the line 444 0 800 and dialing 5.

Can I get an official receipt of my transactions via Online Banking?

Yes. You can get an official receipt from the DenizBank branch where your account is located.

What are the advantages of Online Banking?

You can make all your banking transactions easily, quickly and securely without having to go to the branch. In addition, you can load money to your Istanbulkart through online banking and ATMs, obtain and manage the risk report and check report issued by Findeks, with which you can evaluate your financial situation, thanks to Online Banking.

What are time periods for the transactions made through Online Banking?

You can carry out most of the deposit account, transfer, and credit card transactions 24/7 through Online Banking. However, you can only make EFT (EFT to a person, other debit card payment, OGS, KGS), a type of transfer, between 08.30-17.00.