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Executive Committees

Assets-Liabilities Committee (ALCO)

Chaired by the CEO, the Asset-Liability Committee meets each week with the participation of group managers that conduct activities which may affect the balance sheet and the Chief Economist of the Bank. Agenda items include determination of the weekly assets-liabilities strategy on the basis of balance sheets, activities of business lines, general economic highlights and assessment of current economic and political developments.

Executive Credit Risk Committee

Executive Credit Risk Committee meets on a quarterly basis in order to assess the market and economic developments that may cause a risk on the credit portfolio of business lines and subsidiaries, make a general evaluation of credits under watch list and NPL, monitoring the NPL collection and make assessments concerning the provisions budget.

Disciplinary Committee

The purpose of the activities of this Committee is to detect the existence, offenders of and faults and possible loss caused by transactions and acts that require a disciplinary action in accordance with Bank’s internal legislation and disciplinary regulation. Chaired by the Executive Vice President in charge of Administrative Services, the Disciplinary Committee is attended by the responsible Board Member, DenizBank EVP in charge of Administrative Services and SVP in charge of Human Resources, EVP in charge of Operations, the Head of Internal Control Center and Compliance, the most senior manager in charge of Legal Affairs, Matrix EVP/ Subsidiary General Manager, SVP in charge of Internal Audit Department and the Head of Internal Audit.

Purchasing Committee

Acting in the framework of the Purchasing Procedure and in accordance with appropriate quality and pricing criteria, this Committee is formed with the purpose of realizing collective and single purchasing transactions within the Bank. The requests coming to the “General Purchasing Committee” to be held on the third week of each month on Thursday at 09.30 will be evaluated and Committee Decisions will be approved.

In our Bank, every kind of purchasing is realized by the Purchasing Committee from the companies stated in the “Approved Suppliers” list.

Communication Committee

In addition to enforcing and supporting DenizBank’s image, the Committee is established in order to convey the features constituting the corporate identity to the target audience via correct messages, projects and means of mass media. The Communication Committee meets at least once a month. The ideas and propositions are submitted to the Executive Committee to be discussed and concluded by the latter.

Promotions Committee

This committee makes evaluations and final decisions about vertical (enhancement of both title and responsibility) and horizontal (change in title with duty and responsibility remaining unchanged) movements of all employees of DFSG. Promotion Committee gathers once a year (in june) with the participation of all Executive Committee Members and chaired by the CEO. DenizBank Promotion Committee which gathers once a year in June decides on proposals for promotion of employees. Promotion proposals of managers about their subordinates which they make considering professional experience, knowledge, skills, training received within and out of the organization and their performance are evaluated and promotions are decided accordingly.