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Capital Market Activities

Capital Market Activities

In order to capitalize on your savings in the capital markets, you may prefer Denizbank that holds an authority certificate in line with current laws of the Capital Markets Board.

Capital Market Activities

Capital Markets are one of the building blocks of a financial system. These building blocks are institutions that enable exchange between savers and those in need of funds, financial institutions and instruments and Boards that establish and audit the legal regulations of these institutions. The aim is to guide savers to fields of high yield and to take measures and manage all kinds of risks resulting from the nature of economy. Primary elements of this system are banks, capital markets and insurers.

Why is the capital market important and what types exist?

Investors that want to capitalize on their savings with expectations of yield utilize capital market instruments. Persons and institutions that require funds try to secure financing via borrowing instruments or stock collaterals. Members of industry that wish to keep risk at a minimum opt for arbitrage or hedging supported by derivatives. Capital markets do not only control risk management but also aim to include small savings into the economy. These savings that do not provide yield standalone can turn into economic benefit via securities.

Primary and Secondary Markets

Primary markets are where savers and persons requiring funds meet directly via various instruments. An example of this is initial public offering of company stocks and savers investing in these stocks. Secondary markets where securities are liquidated are markets where intermediaries conduct previously bought and sold securities. Variants, futures, stocks are examples of this market. Stock exchanges are an organized example of these markets. You may also earn returns through Denizbank investment products and capitalize on your savings securely.

Companies under the roof of Capital Market

Capital Markets Board (CMB) that makes legal regulations and audits to ensure safe and efficient functioning of capital market activities also carries out improvements and remediation. The CMB is in charge of protecting investor rights and sets rules for the efficient and fair functioning of markets and has a sanctioning power. Companies under the roof of CMB are:

  • Treasury Under-secretariat of the Prime Ministry
  • CBT – Central Bank of Turkey
  • BRSA – Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority
  • CRA – Central Registry Agency
  • TSPAKB - Association Of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions
  • TAKASBANK – Clearance and Custody Bank
  • BIST
  • Investment institutions
  • Publicly listed companies
  • Rating agencies
  • Portfolio Management Companies

Which tools are used in the capital markets?

Stock investment funds, government bonds, private sector bonds, shares, private sector bills, asset backed securities, asset backed stocks, options, lease certificates and futures agreements are used in capital markets.

Investors who wish to purchase stocks from IPOs can transact in organized markets, earn the right to vote in management and obtain shares from profits. Bonds issued by the government or private sector secure financial support via securities. As a bond owner, you can only be a creditor and you cannot obtain any shareholding right. Bonds with less than 1 year maturity are called “bills”. You may contact Denizbank specialists and get updated on futures or other instruments and review different alternatives.

DenizBank Capital Market Activities

In order to capitalize on your savings in the capital markets, you may prefer Denizbank that holds an authority certificate in line with current laws of the Capital Markets Board.

You may contact our investment specialists and obtain ideas on how to capitalize on your savings.

As a result of our application to the CMB to renew our authority certificates as per CMB Law numbered 6362, it was decided to renew our certificates as per Communique on Investment Services and Activities and Auxiliary Services numbered III-37.1 and Communique on Establishment and Activities of Investment Companies numbered III-39.1 in order to carry out the below investment services and activities accordingly.

The CMB has given our bank an authority certificate on 15.01.2016 with number BNK-025(066).