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General Purpose Loan

DenizBank Personal Loan:
There for You Every Time You Need It


  • Offers favorable interest rates and maturity options of up to 36 months
  • Allows quick application via online banking and MobilDeniz
  • Your loan immediately goes to your account

Loan Calculator

Personal Loan Calculator

Before applying for personal loans that help you with your urgent cash needs, you should have an idea of the loan repayment plan. This way, you can determine the most convenient loan option for your budget. With loan calculation tools, you can both view your monthly payments and determine your total loan amount. You can easily plan your budget with loan calculation tools that also allow you to learn about interest rates, surcharges, and the total cost.

Rates and Fees

Loan Amount (TL) Loan Maturity Period (Months) Monthly Interest Rate (%) Monthly Installment Amount (TL) Loan Allocation Fee (TL) Total Insurance Amount (TL) Total Monthly Cost Rate (%) Total Annual Cost Rate (%)
3.000 12 2,89   315,17 15,00 52,05 4,7884 57,4603
3.000 24 2,89   191,90 15,00 80,00 4,7231 56,6774
3.000 36 2,89   153,36 15,00 105,55 4,7009 56,4104
10.000 12 3,29   1082,72 50,00 173,46 5,6012 67,2143
10.000 24 3,29   674,60 50,00 266,61 5,5323 66,3875
10.000 36 3,29   549,33 50,00 351,77 5,5090 66,1079
100.000 12 3.75 11203.14 500,00 1080.39 6,5929 79,1148

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for DenizBank personal loan?

You just need your phone number and your Turkish ID number to apply for DenizBank Personal Loan. You can apply for DenizBank Personal Loan using MobilDeniz application or Digital Deniz online banking. It is important to have your mobile phone with you during the application. A security code will be sent to you via SMS immediately after you start your application process and you will be requested to enter it to complete your application.

After receiving your application, DenizBank will conduct an assessment within the scope of your credit rating and you will receive the result of the application.

What documents are required for personal loan?

Applying for a personal loan is easier than you think! If you are using MobilDeniz application or DenizBank Online Banking, you can start your application procedures instantly with only your Turkish ID number and mobile phone number in the comfort of your home. You do not need any documents that will put you in a hurry during these procedures. If you wish, you can apply only with your identity certificate through the nearest DenizBank branch.

How do I use personal loan?

Before applying for a personal loan, you need to determine a loan plan. You can use loan calculation tools for this. After selecting the amount, interest rate, and maturity option you demand, you can apply via DenizBank Online Banking or MobilDeniz application.

If your loan application is approved, you will be notified via SMS. You can use your approved loan through the "Personal Loan" option under the "Loans" menu. In this menu, the documents required for you to use the loan will be listed. After you have passed this stage, your loan is deposited into your account.

What is a personal loan? Who can use personal loan?

A personal loan is a type of loan offered with certain interest rate and maturity options depending on the customer's credit rating, without requiring any collateral. Especially vital in urgent cash needs, personal loan is offered within certain limits. Personal loans can be divided into several types within a bank's special offers. The customer must determine the most appropriate type of loan according to their demand and budget. Bank loans are presented with varying interest rates and repayment plans, so personal loan calculation tools are of great importance for budget planning.

The customer's credit rating is the most important one of the conditions for banks to offer personal loans. The credit rating varies according to the customer's financial transaction history. Factors such as previous loan and credit card uses or investment history are important in determining your credit rating. The credit rating varies from 1 to 1900. 1 represents the lowest credit rating, while 1900 is the highest.

There are conditions aside from credit rating to apply for a personal loan. The most important one of these conditions is to be over the age of 18. Some loan types may also have an upper age limit. As for your credit rating, banks may ask you to document your monthly income. Having a regular and documented income will greatly increase the likelihood that your personal loan application will be approved.

In order to get a personal loan, it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Having the credit rating determined by the bank
  • Having a regular income that can be documented
  • Having a problem-free track record in terms of banking transactions

What should I take into consideration when using a personal loan?

Unlike other types of loans, personal loans are usually offered with shorter maturities and lower limits. Usually, no collateral is sought in personal loans. The customer's credit rating and income status are the most important determinants of loan availability. The amount of loan that the customer can use is determined accordingly.

Before applying for a personal loan, you must determine the amount of your cash needs and the monthly budget that you can reserve for loan repayments. After determining the amount that you can reserve for the loan payment on a monthly basis according to your budget, you can start looking into the loans that meet these conditions. When determining the loan option that best suits you, you should also evaluate the details such as additional costs, allocation fees, insurance, or taxes that the application will incur. After deciding on the type of loan you will request, you can start the loan inquiry process. At DenizBank, you can conduct the loan inquiry process using only your phone number and Turkish ID number.

What are the requirements for a personal loan?

Requirements for a personal loan may vary depending on the seasonal offers and the customer's credit rating. With maturity options of up to 36 months, DenizBank personal loan offers a variety of interest rates according to the amounts. In addition to the interest rates on the personal loan, additional fees such as loan allocation fees or insurance also play a determining role in the loan plan.