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Double investment opportunity through a single account: DepositFUND!

Benefit from advantageous interest rates for your time deposit, while a part of your savings accumulated in a mutual fund

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With DepositFUND account of Deniz, while a part of your savings accumulate in a mutual fund, you can benefit from advantageous interest rates for your time deposit.

Benefit from higher time deposit interest rates and vary your savings through any of the options of Deposit FUND at DenizBank.

TL 150,000 of time deposit accounts are under the guarantee of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.


  • With DepositFUND account, you can capitalize on your savings in the mutual fund you choose in line with your risk and return expectations.
  • You can benefit from more advantageous interest rates compared to a standard time deposit thanks to the DepositFUND account you choose.


  • DepositFUND accounts can be opened with monthly, 3-6 monthly* and annual* maturities.
  • DepositFUND minimum limit is TL 10,000.

*3-6 monthly and annual packages are applicable for Deniz Portfolio Short Term Borrowing Instruments Fund, Deniz Portfolio Stock Fund (Stock Intensive Fund) and Deniz Portfolio Private Sector Borrowing Instruments Fund.

How can I open an account?

You can open a DepositFUND account through Internet Banking or by visiting the nearest Denizbank branch.

DenizBank A.S. reserves its right to change the campaign interest rate and/or stop the campaign.
Deposit accounts opened in the name of natural persons, deposits not subject to business transactions, and the deposits in TL, FX and precious metals are within the scope of insurance up to TL 150,000 for a real person at a deposit bank.

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