Make the best of the exchange rate fluctuations!

While the exchange rate keeps fluctuating, you will keep gaining interest on your savings.

With the Multi-Currency Deposit Account, you can invest in different currencies as set by the bank within the maturity term and benefit from the exchange rate fluctuations as well as the interest income.

You can switch between the currencies you want at any time and in any amount, and you can also utilize the parity advantages without losing on interest.


  • You can switch between currencies at any time without waiting for the end of the maturity term.
  • You will not lose on interest due to the currency changes that you apply within the maturity term.
  • While being protected against the unexpected and sudden changes in the exchange rates, you can also benefit from these developments without waiting for the end of the maturity term.


  • You can open your Multi-Currency Deposit Account with a 30 to 35-day maturity.
  • Currency switch can be performed between Turkish Lira, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Swiss Frank and Japanese Yen.
  • You can invest in multiple currencies at once.
  • The lower limit for opening a Multi-Currency Deposit Account is TL 50,000, USD 10,000, EUR 10,000, 10,000 Pounds, 10,000 Swiss Franks and 1,000,000 Japanese Yens.

Multi-Currency Deposit Account Table

TL 30-35 Days 50,000 - 13.70%
Dollar 30-35 Days 10,000 - 2.25%
Euro 30-35 Days 10,000 - 0.15%
Pound 30-35 Days 10,000 - 0.75%
Swiss Frank 30-35 Days 10,000 - 0.25%
Japanese Yen 30-35 Days 1,000,000 - 0.10%

*The interest rate indicated is annual, gross and simple interest rate.

** Other foreign currencies and interest rates that can be used may be added by DenizBank according to the market conditions; you can learn the current foreign exchange codes from our branches.

How can I open an account?

You can open your Multi-Currency Deposit Account via the nearest DenizBank Branch.

Deposit accounts opened in the name of natural persons, deposits not subject to business transactions, and the deposits in TL, FX and precious metals are within the scope of insurance up to TL 150,000 for a real person at a deposit bank.

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