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These are long term bills with coupon payments in FX issued abroad by institutions, companies or the state.

You can prefer Eurobond if you wish to receive secure returns in FX with long term investment.


  • Eurobonds issued by the Treasury of the Republic of Turkey are under state guarantee.
  • Eurobond coupon rates are fixed. Eurobonds in Dollars make coupon payments every 6 months, Eurobonds in Euros make coupon payments once a year.
  • Interests of coupons are expressed as annual simple interest.
  • Terms are generally between 5-30 years.
  • Liquidity is high. There is a secondary market. When the investment is required to convert into cash without waiting the end of term, the market conditions of that day are taken as basis.
  • The acquired interest income and buy/sell returns are subject to declaration of income.

How Can I Carry Out a Transaction?

  • You need to have a Demand FX Account at DenizBank for Eurobond account.
  • You can easily carry out transactions at our Branches and DenizBank Internet branch.
  • You can realize sales between 09:30-14:00 and purchases between 09:30 – 14:30.
  • In order to realize a buy/sell transaction of EuroBond, the minimum limit is USD/EUR 1000 Nominal and multiples.
  • In market practice, the buy/sell transaction period is T+3 for Eurobonds.

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