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TMO Makbuz Senedine Dayalı Krediler ve TMO Ürün Ödemeleri

You can now make your Turkish Grain Board payments with your Farmer Card at Deniz!

These are loans lent by receiving ware receipts issued on behalf of the farmer against vegetative crops delivered by the farmer to the TMO.

These are loans that are granted by obtaining warehouse receipts issued in the name of the farmer as collateral against the crops received from the farmer by the TMO.

Payment Alternatives

The payment plan is determined according to the term of the warehouse receipt issued by the TMO.

Those entitled to use are as follows:

  • Grain producers registered in the National Registry of Farmers
  • Cooperation's of which grain producers are partners
  • Merchants and industrial businessman

The first condition is to have products entrusted in the TMO and have warehouse receipt issued against it.

Also you may easily receive your TMO product payments via our bank.

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