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The DenizBank Agricultural Business Operating Credit which is very easy to allocate is granted by Card by realizing a first by "PRODUCER CARD".


Provides agricultural enterprise loans to our producers in line with their agricultural needs and cash flows !

Producers who do farming in their own land or leased land can benefit from the privileges offered by Producer Card.

To apply, farmers only have to apply to the nearest DenizBank branch with farming documentation, property title of the farming land or leasing document. Farmers can use Producer Cards for purchasing:

  • Fuel
  • Pesticides, etc.
  • Seeds and animal feed
  • Fertilizers
  • Agricultural mechanization (Machinery, equipment ...)
  • Watering equipment
  • Spare parts, etc,

For other needs, they can make purchases from merchant partners or withdraw cash from ATMs or branches.

Opportunities of Producer Cart for Producers

  • Card design appropriate to flow of earnings (repayments can be made with the interest once a year during harvest time, as it is in all our agricultural loans)
  • Using electronic banking services (ATM, POS…)
  • Using the card (by cash withdrawal and making purchases) as the need arises and collection at will
  • Elimination of the risk of carrying cash
  • Early repayment opportunity
  • Discount opportunities for the cars at merchant partners

Opportunities of Producer Card for Merchant Partners

  • No need to assume credit and collections risks (Credit risks assumed totally by DenizBank)
  • No financing burden
  • Opportunity to increase sales by benefiting from DenizBank's widespread producer portfolio
  • Reduced operational costs arising from sales by terms of payment
  • Granting terms of payment in sales
  • Communication with producers. (Customers who are producers will be sent account statements every month. Companies and products can be promoted in these statements)

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