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Digital Products

Deniz Bonus CreditCard


  • Quick cash advance
  • Additional installments and discounts on purchases from contracted merchants
  • Fast shopping with the contactless payment feature
  • Bill installment
  • Making online purchases from the US with DenizAmerikada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deniz Bonus? What can I do with Deniz Bonus?

DenizBank credit card is a credit card that DenizBank has designed for its customers and can be used for shopping anywhere with a POS machine. In addition to the shopping experience that offers various installment options, DenizBank's credit card also meets your cash needs and helps you withdraw some cash advance. And when you urgently need cash, your Deniz Bonus is surely with you! In exchange for a certain interest rate, you can withdraw cash within your limit from ATMs at any time.

The credit card has a limit set by the user. Within this limit, you can make your purchases with privileged installment opportunities and use your credit card as your favorite and advantageous means of payment. Customers who regularly use the DenizBank credit card and do not delay paying their debt increase their credit score and receive many Bonuses. After setting and requesting a limit correctly, you can start shopping with the DenizBank credit card you will receive. Thanks to Accumulated Bonuses, you can also make advantageous purchases from contracted merchants.

You can also easily use your DenizBank credit card for online purchases. You might prefer online shopping more especially due to a busy schedule, lack of time, and easy use. You can also take advantage of DenizBank's benefits and special offers.

Can I use Deniz Bonus abroad?

It is extremely easy to earn while spending with Deniz Bonus Credit Card. With Deniz Bonus, you can earn Bonus for all your expenses domestic and abroad. In addition, you can shop for free and benefit from discounts at many participating merchants with these accumulated Bonuses. The Bonus credit card also helps you benefit from additional Bonus and installment opportunities. Besides, with your Deniz Bonus credit card, you can also earn a Bonus for your advance or installment purchases at many merchants with the Visa / MasterCard logo in Turkey and abroad. You can spend these Bonuses that you have accumulated at any time and enjoy free shopping.

DenizBank also allows you to have a privileged shopping experience in the US. At the same time, it allows you to shop at discounted prices in many sectors, from clothing to food, from auto accessories to electronic products. DenizBank is with you in every corner of the world! All you have to do is apply with a click and wait for your Deniz Bonus card to be delivered to your door.

How do I earn Bonuses with Deniz Bonus?

Thanks to DenizBank credit card application, you are eligible for many offers and discounts. With the Bonus card application that you will make through DenizBank branches, Online Banking, or MobilDeniz application, you can shop in Turkey or abroad more easily. The Bonus campaign provides installment opportunities in many other sectors such as clothing, cosmetics, shoes, bags, fuel, food, and electronics. These installments take place via POS devices with the Bonus feature available at participating merchants. In addition, you may also encounter additional installment opportunities at the end of every purchase you make. This way, you get to pay easily and enjoy your Deniz Bonus card to the fullest.

Besides, if you spend within the limits set by DenizBank, you will have the opportunity to earn instant discounts and Bonuses. Thanks to the offer on the motor vehicle tax, you are offered many installment opportunities on your motor vehicle tax and you get to pay your tax more easily. In addition, you also have the convenience of paying your natural gas bills by getting exclusive installments. You can also give automatic payment orders. Thus, you will not miss the payment day of your bills and bring more comfort to your life.

How do I make contactless payments with Deniz Bonus?

All credit cards in DenizBank are presented to our dear customers using the latest technology. The innovative DenizBank credit cards aim to make your purchases faster and easier.

The contactless payment, which is one of the most notable among these facilities, also stands out as a technological innovation offered by DenizBank. Your card has a contactless wave symbol on the front. You can make your payment extremely quickly and easily by moving your contactless card closer to contactless POS devices. When you remove your card, you will see a message on the screen saying that your purchase was successful. You can easily and safely make all your expenses in the amounts determined by DenizBank without entering your PIN with your contactless card. However, for purchases made above the specified amount, you must proceed to shopping by entering your PIN. You can easily use your contactless Deniz Bonus credit card, whether at a store, a restaurant, or a grocery store.

What privileges does Deniz Bonus credit card offer?

With Deniz Bonus credit card, you can have the privileged experience of shopping from the US. DenizAmerikada provides an advantageous online shopping experience that only DenizBank credit card customers can benefit from. DenizAmerikada allows you to quickly and easily order products such as clothes, shoes, bags, food, electronic devices, car parts, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, and many more from the leading stores of the US. It also provides a unique quality of service by delivering all your orders to your home. It also helps you have magazines and periodicals of all kinds published in the US. Thus, you can find products that you cannot find in Turkey. At the same time, you can buy products which are expensive in Turkey, at more affordable prices. Your orders are delivered to your address under the DenizBank guarantee. You can also shop safely from all websites in the US. DenizAmerikada provides an easy and smooth online shopping experience. When purchasing products from websites, you can just give the US address assigned by DenizAmerikada as the delivery address. Packages are accepted at this address and sent to Turkey. In addition, even if the website you want to shop on only accepts credit cards from American banks, DenizAmerikada is your greatest helper. Thanks to the "buy for me" service offered by DenizBank, your products are accepted on your behalf, and payment is made with your existing DenizBank credit card. It also keeps the products you buy in a warehouse in the US for a month so that you do not have to pay the shipping cost. This way, it further reduces your costs by sending all your purchases made on different dates to the Turkey address at once.