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Our payment opportunities enable you to pay your loans in installments and in the long-term. Thanks to our specially developed loan appraisal system, we respond to loan requests within 72 hours.

Current Account

To make urgent and regular payments on time even if your account balance is insufficient

It is a loan available to make all kinds of payments, particularly checks and bills, even if your account balance is insufficient.

Revolving Loans

A short-term working capital loan to ease your cash flow, which can be used as advance cash.

Short-term working capital loans without fixed maturity. Interest is collected once a month. You can partially or totally close the loan whenever you wish.

Spot Loans

To meet your company’s financing needs for the short and middle term and providing cash for a specific period of time.

Discount/repurchase Loans

To cash your promissory notes (checks, etc.) obtained during commercial transactions before the date of maturity.

Discount loans are money loans for cashing promissory notes before the date of maturity, allowing the payment of the balance that remains once the interest is deducted. In other words, discounted promissory notes are sold to the bank by endorsement (assignment) and delivery.

Foreign Currency Indexed Loans

These loans are available without requiring any foreign currency undertaking by companies. They have to be paid off at maturity by repaying the principal and interest. The interest rate is set with respect to the possible appreciation of foreign currencies to the Turkish currency.

Foreign Currency Loans

Loans available for financing your company’s exports.

Standing by you and your company whenever you need!

Auto Loans

For your needs to purchase passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles.

Residential (Workplace) Loans

For financing residences or workplaces.

Support Loans

For capacity enhancement, equipment purchases, changing decoration, technological upgrading and development at your work place.

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