DenizBank Joins COP 28 for Climate Action

We are proud to join Emirates NBD at COP 28, the Principal Banking Partner of the conference, and pleased to announce the co-participation of NEOHUB and key climate-action partner Erguvan


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Sustainability at DenizBank: For the Beyond

As DenizBank, we are aware that the most valuable legacy we will leave for the future is a clean and inhabitable world, and we believe that all stakeholders will join around collective wisdom and effort in and do their part on this journey to make significant progress on this path. If we want to protect their rights, we should evolve to be focused on human and nature and produce a sense of responsibility for the continuity of our generation.

DenizBank supports sustainable investments with an approach which puts social development at the center, and protects equality of opportunity and, on the other hand, implements a strategy to mitigate the indirect effects in environmental and social terms. It carries out systematic works with the target of contributing to the future of stakeholders in the environmental and social sphere of influence. Our Bank, making uninterrupted investments in innovation and technology, has determined areas of focus to produce value for its stakeholders and the entire society. With the products we offer, we aim to meet the demand from businesses, help reduce the physical effects of climate change and facilitate the adaptation of people to the future.

As DenizBank, we are immersed in our motto "for all and beyond". We prioritize our duty in the financial sector through leveraging our sustainability strategy.

With our vision of “facilitating sustainability transformation with innovative finance”, we develop and accommodate future-fit solutions and incorporate “sustainable Finance’’.

At the same time, by producing future-oriented solutions in the financial sector, we fulfill our environmental, social and governance-related responsibilities;

(a) "Next Generation Banking", with the aim of improving customer experience and providing wider demographics of people with access to financial services, in line with the rapid evolution of technology and digitalization trends,

(b) We focus on the value of "Future Talent" to create a team with deep knowledge and skills in exc sustainability and innovation.

NEOHUB - Building Future in Pursuit of Innovation

NEOHUB is the first of its kind in the Turkish banking sector, a new-age digital arm of the DenizBank Financial Services Group (DFSG), driving change and transformation across the organization. NEOHUB is guided by a visionary mission to become the "Business Building Factory." Our central objective is to spread and promote a synergistic mindset to reach and impact as many individuals and groups as possible, thereby influencing their views and perspectives across various domains.

As a dynamic subsidiary of DFSG, NEOHUB adopts a versatile approach in driving innovation and entrepreneurship, guided by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our portfolio includes diverse elements such venture capital investments, open banking, active participation in emerging technology domains, and startup support through our Accelerator program.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the bottom line; it's embedded in our core values. We recognize that the world is facing pressing environmental challenges, and we're not only here to support startups in revolutionizing technology but also to be a driving force in fostering sustainable solutions.

As we engage with the global community during COP28, we're excited to showcase how our investment strategies and accelerator program not only fuel technological advancements but also prioritize ESG principles. Through actively seeking startups with a strong sustainability focus, we aim to make a difference on a global scale.

A key partner at COP 28, Erguvan

Erguvan stands at the forefront of corporate climate action, offering scalable and data-driven solutions that spearhead the digitalization and efficiency of carbon markets and sustainability services. The company's mission extends beyond providing top-tier software solutions; Erguvan is deeply committed to making climate finance more accessible, particularly to project developers who are the linchpins of the environmental commodities markets. By enabling direct, secure, and transparent trading, Erguvan's flagship carbon credit and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marketplace paves the way for a more fluid and accountable carbon economy.

Erguvan's belief in a data-driven approach to business decarbonization is reflected in the robust SaaS solutions provided by the company. These tools are designed not just for compliance, but for insight and action, empowering key sustainability personnel with precise analytical resources. With the right tools at their disposal, these professionals can effectively navigate their organization's sustainability journey, leveraging accurate data to make informed, strategic decisions.

Erguvan's affiliation with the Emirates NBD Group, since the Group's strategic investment in the company's seed investment round, has bolstered their position and enhanced their capability to deliver on the vision. Erguvan is striving to be more than a company; to become a beacon in financing sustainability in Turkiye, the MENA region, and beyond. The company's tools are not just innovations; they are designed to be the keystones for organizations seeking to substantiate their environmental commitments with tangible, impactful action.

The future of corporate sustainability is a networked ecosystem where every player has access to the financial mechanisms and analytical prowess needed to effect real change. Erguvan is dedicated to being a leader in this ecosystem, driving forward the integration of sustainability into core business practices globally.

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