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DenizBank A.S. List of Conditions - January 2010

Terms Of Accounts In Turkish Lira
Credit Interest : Quoted Upon Request
Debit Interest Quoted Upon Request
Collections of Clean Bills : 1 per mille (min USD40.-)
Documentary Collections : 1.5 per mille (min USD40.-)
Clean or Documentary Collections
Presented for Acceptance : 1.5 per mille (min USD40.-)
Accepted or Avalized : 2.5 per mille (min USD50.-)
Bills Returned without having been presented to drawees : 0.5 per mille (min USD40.-)
Bills Returned unpaid or unaccepted : 1 per mille (min USD40.-)
Bills Delivered free of payment : 1 per mille (min USD50.-)
Endorsement / Release Fee : USD60.-
Protest of unpaid bills/drafts : Protest charges and legal costs will be charged additionally
Amendment of acceptance / collection instruction : USD40.- flat per amendment
Drawings And Payment Orders
Drawings on us : Free of charge
Payment Orders with charges BEN/SHA : Free of charge
Payment Orders with charges OUR : 3 per mille (min USD30.- max USD100.-)
Amendment to Payment Orders : Up to USD10,000.-, then USD30.-
USD10,001.- to USD35,000.-, then 3 per mille
USD35,001.- and higher, then USD100.-
Cancellation / Transferring of Payment Orders to a 3rd Bank: : Up to USD10,000.-, then USD.50.-
USD10,001.- to USD35,000.-, then 5 per mille
USD35,001.- and higher, then USD100.- USD15.- 
Return payment SWIFT advice : USD 30.-
Inquiries on Payment Orders: : USD30.- (up to 6 months)
USD50.- (older than 6 months)
Cheque Collections
Collection of Cheques : 1 per mille (min USD40.-)*
Returned Cheques : USD40.-*
Missing endorsement : USD50.-
SWIFT return cheque advice : USD4.-
Amendment to collection instructions : USD20.-
Inquiries : USD20.-
* Additional 3rd bank fees to be added    
Other Special Services
Credit information on companies in Turkey : USD50.-
Stop payment on your cheques and payment orders : USD30.-
Documentary Credits
Unconfirmed Credits    
Advising Commission : $100.-
Payment Commission : 1 per mille (min USD100.-)
Confirmed Credits
Confirmation Commission : Subject to Arrangement
Payment Commission : 1 per mille (min USD100.-)
Advising Commission : $100.-
Amendment or Cancellation : USD40.- per amendment
Transmission of Commercial Letters of Credit : USD40.-
Acceptances or Deferred Payments : Subject to Arrangement
Discrepancy Fee (per set of documents) : USD80.-
Tender Guarantees : Subject to Arrangement
Performance and Advance Payment Guarantees : Subject to Arrangement
Guarantees advised w/o responsibility : $100.-
Payment and settlement of a claim : 1 per mille (min USD100.-)
Amendments : USD40.- per amendment

General Terms

  • Commissions are not refundable where a credit is cancelled or expires fully or partly unutilized or where services are not realized or rendered.
  • Actual expenses such as postage, fiscal stamps, taxes, etc. are charged in addition to the above commissions.
  • The commissions and charges indicated in this list cannot be charged to the beneficiaries or the drawees in Turkey, and must be claimed from the banking correspondents abroad.
  • These terms are subject to change without prior notice.

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