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The Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TURKDEX), which was founded on February 4, 2005 in Izmir, is a market where you can trade futures contracts.

Futures contract is a standarized contract which gives the obligation to buy or sell a certain underlying instrument at a cetain date in the future.

Derivatives contracts listed in the TurkDex Exchange are:

Equity Index Futures Contracts

  • ISE 30 Futures
  • ISE 100 Futures

Currency Futures Contracts

  • TRYUSDollar
  • TRYEuro

Interest Rate Futures Contracts

  • T-Benchmark Futures

Commodity Futures Contracts

  • Cotton Futures Contracts
  • Wheat Futures Contracts
  • Gold Futures Contracts

The Advantages of the Derivatives markets :

  • Financial Leverage: Futures transactions are giving the opportunity to gain high profit with a small capital
  • Portfolio Insurance: The contracts in the Derivatives markets gives portfolio managers the opportunity to increase the variety of his portfolio and dispatch his risk effectively in alternative financial instruments.
  • Tax Advantage : The withholding tax rate for TurkDEX trades will be zero until December 2008.
  • Short selling: The derivatives markets give the investors short selling possibilities. If you think that the prices of your underlying instrument will decrease you could benefit from the move. Despite the spot markets, you may initiate a position by selling first. You may close out your short position later with a long position or you may wait until the maturity date.
  • Hedging: Futures contracts give the opportunity for importers, exporters, producers, purchasers and investors to protect themselves against the spot risks on interest rates, exchange rates, and commodity prices.


  • Session : 9:15 -17:35
  • Announcement of the daily settlement price: 17:45

How Can I Trade in the Derivatives Exchange Markets?

  • Call +90 212 354 85 95
  • Use your DenizBank @acıkdenız account over the internet
  • Use the Data Vendors to submit your orders.

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