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Audit Committee

DenizBank Board of Directors has established an Audit and Risk Committee among its members. Consisting of the non-executive members of the Board of Directors, the Audit and Risk Committee convenes periodically to determine the audit policies of the Bank.

Internal audit activities are carried out based on internationally accepted audit standards and the domestic legislation, taking into consideration the requirements of the Bank and the Group as well, depending on a Board member who is also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and responsible for internal systems (audit, internal control, compliance and risk management.)

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure the audit and public disclosure of the Bank's accounting system and financial information, as well as monitoring the operation and effectiveness of the internal control system. The qualifications of the Committee Members are presented below:

The Audit and Risk Committee

Member Office Title
Nihat Sevinç Member Non-Executive Member (Independent)
Jonathan Edward Morris Member Non-Executive Member

The Audit and Risk Committee convenes at least once every three months – or at least four times a year. In addition, the Audit and Risk Committee convenes at least twice a year with independent auditors, apart from the management units, to discuss internal control, financial statements, internal audit, and agenda items that need to be discussed in particular.