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Greenhouse Insurance

A new period in Agricultural Insurances...

You wouldn't want to risk your greenhouse you dote upon and work for day and night to get the best yield would you?

Come to DenizBank, let us provide coverage for your products and greenhouse and support you in your tough days.

Would You Like to Pay Half of Your Insurance Premiums for Your Greenhouse Insurances?

Have your up-to-date registry in the Farmers Registry System (ÇKS) in the provincial/district directorate of agriculture done which states your information regarding your greenhouse and the products grown in it in the given year belonging to the Greenhouse Cultivation Registry System; benefit from the 50% Premium Support of the Government…

Your Risks Under Coverage:

In Government Subsidized Greenhouse Insurances;

  • Sleet
  • Storm
  • Hurricane
  • Avalanche risks
  • And "loss resulted from decrease in quality" in fruit and vegetables due to these risks are under coverage. 

What Are Your Advantages?

  • If you get registered in ÇKS, half of the total of your policy premium shall be covered by the Government,
  • You have the opportunity of paying your policy premiums without any problems via your "DenizBank Producer Card",
  • You can pay"%25 of your premium in cash, and 5 equal installments of the remaining 75%,
  • In the event of damage, you can receive your compensation in the shortest time…

How Can You Obtain This Insurance?

The only thing you have to do is go to the nearest DenizBank Branch.

How Can You Carry Out Your Premium Payments?

You can pay your policy premiums via your "DenizBank Producer Card", "25% in cash, and the remaining 75% in 5 equal installments … 

What Must Be Done In Case of Damage?

The only thing you have to do is to claim for damage to your DenizBank Branch within 24 hours latest.

The damage will be assessed by experts appointed by Tarım Sigortaları Havuzu İşletmesi A.Ş. (TARSİM) (Agriculture Insurance Pool Company) and the finalized compensation amount shall be paid to you within 30 days latest.

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