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Pharmacy Package Insurance

With the Pharmacy Package Insurance We Offer Under the Assurance of DenizBank, We Not Only Provide Coverage for Your Work Place (Property, 3rd Person Belongings, Building, Foundations, Decoration, Fixture, Machinery Equipment, Safe, Content, Electronic Equipment Etc) but Also Your Liabilities and the Price Label Cuttings Gathered in Order to Collect from the Concerned Institution Under a Single Policy.

You can have coverage against risks your pharmacy and your belongings may encounter due to fire, internal water, storm, smoke, landslide, strike, lockout, public movements, ill intentioned actions and terror, snow weight, glass breakage, cost of lifting debris, alternative work place costs, alternative accommodation costs, fire-explosion financial liability, neighborhood and lessee financial liability, halting of works, flood and over-flooding, collision of land, air vehicles and vessels, natural disasters and accidents such as theft or earthquakes.

What Are The Advantages of This Insurance?

  • Extension of the content of the policy by supplementary coverage according to choice
  • Lack of isolation
  • Coverage against the collapsing of shelves/cabinets
  • If your workplace is deemed unusable due to damage for a while, your expenses made to a temporary workplace, your loss of rent paid in cash, the cost of cleaning the debris, the financial loss resulting from the halting of your operations due to fire,
  • The damages that the drugs and chemicals in coolers undergo due to loss of heat resulting from breakdown,
  • Costs of repairing of all electronic devices including carrying money and cash till resulting from breakdown, the misuse of the safety of the employees working at your pharmacy…

We Haven't Forgotten Our Responsibilities

The compensation you need to pay to 3rd persons, to the owners of the building if you are a neighbor or lessee, to your employees as an employer, to your customers who were harmed due to your occupational mistakes and negligence which your legal liabilities obligate you to pay are also under coverage.
Take care !

How Can I Obtain This Insurance?

The only thing you have to do is to go to the nearest DenizBank branch to you.

How Can I Carry Out My Payments?

You can choose your credit card or automatic payment order from your account as payment instruments.

You can pay 25% of your premium payments in cash and the rest in 5 installments. You can benefit from installment opportunities up to 8 equal installments via your DenizBank Bonus credit card.

Our Agencies

Axa Sigorta A.Ş, Groupama Sigorta A.Ş

What Should I Do When Damage Occurs?

You can make your damage claim via your policy 7 days and 24 hours to the contacts below;

Axa Sigorta A.Ş; Emergency Service Call and Damage Support Call no:  2016-444 1 999 Groupama Sigorta A.Ş; Vehicle Service Call no:   444 0999

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