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HGS (Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi)

Your house is the place where you are most happy and peaceful with your family. You can entrust your house to DenizBank with no worries.

With property insurance you can buy one single policy and protect your house and furniture collectively against many risks such as fire, earthquakes, internal water flooding, landslide, snow weight, flood, theft, glass breakage, electrical damages and terror.

What Are The Advantages of This Insurance?

  • Full of comprehensive options, assistance services, you can call the Hot line and require water and electricity technician, be provided with locksmith services free of charge!
  • In the event that your house is deemed uninhabitable, you have the opportunity of accommodation in hotels and your house will be under protection,
  • Services of sending doctors and ambulances to your house.
  • Individual 3rd Person Liability; your child bumped into the shelves in an expensive store and broke everything; your property package policy covers the risk. The damage does not have to take place in your house only.

How Can I Obtain This Insurance?

The only thing you have to do is to go to the nearest DenizBank branch to you. Your policy will be delivered to you at the branch you apply immediately.

How Can I Carry Out My Payments?

You can choose your credit card or automatic payment order from your account as payment instruments. You can pay 25% of your premium payments in cash and the rest in 5 installments. You can benefit from installment opportunities up to 8 equal installments via your DenizBank Bonus credit card.

Our Agencies

Axa Sigorta A.Ş.

What Should I Do when Damage Occurs?

You can make your damage claim about your policy 24/7 to Axa Sigorta A.Ş; Urgent Assistance and Damage Support Line 0850-250 99 99.

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