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Long Term Life Insurance

You can protect the living standards of yourself and your beloved ones against unexpected adverse events by the Long Term Life Insurance MetLife Emeklilik and Hayat offers to you.

What are the Advantages The Long Term Life Insurance Offer?

  • Enables you to take precautions against negative events as a result of the risks within the period of insurance can result.
  • Offers many collaterals under the roof of one policy
  • Special price prepared for DenizBank customers
  • Opportunity to pay premiums in installments
  • Tax advantage

Long Term Life Insurance offers you many vital risk coverage you may need

  • Decease
  • Permanent Disability due to accident
  • Permanent Disability due to illness
Long Term Life Insurance Table
Amount of Coverage (USD) 10.000 USD Amount of Premium (USD)
Term of Policy 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years
Age of the Insured Male Female Male Female Male Female
25 93.77 66.45 167.91 124.99 239.48 181.71
30 100.07 78.80 196.67 155.18 301.80 239.77
35 130.47 102.96 272.45 271.00 427.43 336.24
40 192.33 154.08 402.26 315.18 630.62 480.89
45 286.03 218.71 597.17 443.68 942.71 671.06

Coverage against decease: In case of your decease, provides financial support for your beloved ones to help them maintain their existing quality of life.

Coverage against Permanent Disability due to accident and disease: In case of permanent disability due to accident and disease, provides you with financial support to help you maintain your existing quality of life.

Your insurance coverage is defined as Turkish Lira / American Dollars / Euro. You can determine your coverage amount according to your choice on condition that it is minimum TL 10.000 or USD 7.500 due to your necessity.

The insurance term of the Long Term Life Insurance may be determined between 2 and 20 years. Every healthy individual between the ages of 18 and 63 may enjoy this insurance.

You can pay your policy premiums in cash or in monthly, 3 month, 6 month or annual periods (the minimum amount of installment is TL/USD/Euro 10) within the first year of the insurance by your credit card or by giving an automatic payment order from your account in DenizBank.

If you are an income tax payer, you hold the right to deduct the premiums you pay from your income tax base within the borders of the limits defined within the Income Tax Law. You can deduct the premiums you pay from your tax base on condition that it does not exceed 5% of your gross salary or the annual amount of your gross minimum salary. This way, you can enjoy cost advantage in varying rates according to your tax bracket.

You can come by the nearest DenizBank Branch. Your policy will be issued and delivered to you immediately.

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