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Dividend Distribution Policy

After deducting any sums to be paid or set aside by the Bank from the income calculated as at the end of the accounting period, such as the general expenditures and other depreciation costs, as well as the taxes, the remainder shall be the net profit. After deducting the losses for previous year, if any, the net profit shall be distributed as follows:

1) A portion of 5% (five percent) of this sum shall be set aside as general statutory reserves until it reaches twenty percent of the paid-in capital.

2) After reaching the limit referred to in the first paragraph:

a) A portion of the premium provided due to issue of new shares that is not spent for issue expenses, redemption reserves and charity purposes;

b) A portion remaining after subtracting the issue expenses of replacement shares from the amount paid for value of shares cancelled due to invalidation;

c) The dividends that are not paid to the shareholders shall be allocated to the general statutory reserves.

3) If the general statutory reserves do not exceed half of the capital stock or issued capital, it shall be used only for making up for losses, maintaining business activities or preventing unemployment and taking measures to mitigate results thereof.

Unless (1) the discretionary legal reserves are duly allocated and (2) the dividends due to the shareholders are distributed in cash and/ or as stock according to these Articles of Association, no decision may be taken by the General Assembly to allocate any additional legal reserves, or to defer any profits to the following accounting period, or to make any payments out of net profit to the members of the Board of Directors, officers and employees of the Bank, or any foundations established by the Bank for any purposes, or any other persons.

The day and manner of the annual dividend distribution to the shareholders shall be determined by the General Assembly subjec t to a proposal of the Board of Directors. Whenever the shares were issued and/or acquired by the shareholders, the annual dividends for the accounting period shall be distributed among the shareholders with respect to all shares issued by the Bank. The profits allocated, distributed or otherwise paid out according hereto shall not be recalled