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Ethical Principles Policy

Ethical Principles

DFSG Ethical Principles Policy includes the behaviour standards of the Bank which are related to the honest and fair approach to the members of the DFSG, our customers, business partners as well as our mission and values compliant with laws and the Internal Policies.

The Principles cover each member of the DFSG including all employees and members of the Board of Directors and Management Board.

Compliance With The Ethical Principles

All employees should:

The DFSG’s companies must comply with the Principles. In some cases, there may be differences between local legislation and Principles. In such cases, the local legislation shall prevail.

  • Comply with the legislation. They should notice if any legal requirement is not met or if they are asked to realize a transaction that is contradictory to internal regulations, they should notify their superior on this issue or report it to the existing information lines on the ethical questions.
  • Know the Ethical Principles and comply with these rules while fulfilling their duties by avoiding inappropriate behaviour.
  • Know the internal regulations regarding their positions and realize transactions according to these regulations. They should understand the rules included in the regulatory documents and they should know which document they should apply, when necessary.
  • Treat their colleagues with respect and assist new employees.
  • Perform their duties duly and on time, aim to find the optimal solution and be aware of their responsibility.
  • Admit their mistakes, inform their managers and colleagues to minimize possible negative outcomes.
  • Assist the DFSG in investigation of transactions that are contradictory to the principles.
  • Ask for help from their immediate superiors or the Ethic Line on ethical questions if they have hesitations on application of the principles or doubts as to whether it is complied with the principles or not.

Compliance With The Ethical Principles At Workplace

We give importance to our reputation, follow the Ethical Principles and fulfill our responsibilities at any time and under any condition. We treat our colleagues, customers, business partners and other people with whom we contact in a respectful, decent and honest way. We take responsibility for the results of our work and our work atmosphere.

Customer Relationship

Customers are the backbone of our business. We work to provide our customers a service that is based on honesty, transperancy and fairness.

It is important for us to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. All of our employees fulfill the promises given to the customers and respond to the requests fast, undertake personal responsibility for the results of the work; admit their mistakes, learn from their mistakes, take all kinds of measures to perform their duties well; submit customers accurate information that is not directive and inform them about the possible risks.

Adherence To Ethical Practices

We do not allow unethical practices in any way and we ensure that all of our employees comply with the applicable laws and policies and procedures of the DFSG.

Insider Trading and Market Manipulation

While performing their duties, employees may learn information from the Bank and subsidiaries before such information is available to public. The use of such information for the benefit of the employee or third party is against the law.

All employees should comply with the below rules regarding insider trading and Market Manipulation:

  • do not invest in the financial instruments of the companies about which you have obtained the Insider Information and do not give recommendation to others to do such transactions.
  • do not share the Insider Information you have obtained in your organization to anyone outside the organization, including your family members, before such Insider Information is disclosed to public.
  • convey the Insider Information you have obtained to other bank employees only in accordance with the relevant regulations.
  • do not realize transactions that aim to manipulate market prices, do not give false or incoherent information.
  • comply with the relevant policies and procedures of the Bank in your individual investments with financial instruments.

Information Disclosure

We aim for our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investor to obtain full, accurate and coherent information on our activities. We aim to establish an open and active communication with them. We do not share the Confidential Information, including information about customers, other information that protected by law, and other information that may influence our competitive advantage.


We ensure transparency of our actions by openly interacting with different stakeholders and publishing financial and non-financial information accurately and timely.

In disclosure of the information, we take into consideration the principles of regularity, coherency, efficiency, accuracy, integrity and comparability related to the disclosed information. As a publicly listed company, we comply with the related legislation of regulatory agencies and stock exchanges in disclosure of information and publish additional information that shareholders need for making investment or making other related decisions and thus submit information on activities of the DFSG in a complete and objective way.

Responsible Leadership

The DFSG is among the major financial institutions in Turkey. The DFSG is responsible for actions that may impact the economic, social and ecological development of the regions in which it operates.

Promoting Economic Development And Social Welfare

The DFSG implements its business objectives by respecting the national and cultural characteristics of the regions in which it has presence.

We consider it our duty to develop products and services addressing social issues including house financing, education loans, loans for young families, special products and services for pensioners, security in social and tax payments made to the government.

The Bank gives considerable importance to participation in major infrastructure projects helping to create employment opportunities, develop the economies of different regions and to development of small sized enterprises.

Further information on applications and liabilites regarding the influence on different groups of stakeholders is available in Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure Policy.

Respect For Human Rights

The DFSG respects human rights and believes in the importance and universality of human rights. The DFSG fully supports the main principles mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the Declarations and Conventions of International Labour Organization and other international documents on human rights.

Our compliance with these principles is reflected on our policies and practices towards our colleagues, customers, business partners and other parties with which we cooperate.

Environmental Protection

The DFSG is proactive in relation to environmental protection.

The Bank takes necessary measures related to aspects that may violate the laws and damage the environment and makes efforts for protection of environment.

We manage our ecological effectiveness primarily by using natural sources carefully. For this purpose, we aim to decrease the use of electricity and thermal energy, water, paper and other sources. We also treat wastes carefully and sort them for recycling and ensure a safe recycling. The DFSG organizes campaigns and actions aiming to increase environmental awareness.