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Human Resources Policy

Implemented to enable the Bank and Subsidiaries to carry out their functions in the best way, general human resources policies are based on principles summarized below:


Respect for People approach

Recognition of the fact that the foremost prerequisite for success is to respect people, and in this context; provision of all employees, without discrimination, with a peaceful professional and physical working environment to let them make use of and improve their talents and abilities,

Transparent Governance approach

Introduction of new ideas within the framework of mutual trust, understanding and clear communication and finding solutions to problems with collective wisdom. Establishment and development of userfriendly technology systems through which it is possible to inform personnel about practices that relate to them and to enable them to convey all their requests, opinions and proposals.

Training and Development Opportunities

Recognizing that developing human resources by using all kinds of training tools is the most precious way of investment for a company; thus managing careers of our personnel in line with their achievements and competencies and selecting managers of the future from among our own staff members.

Fair and Reliable Remuneration Management

Application of a remuneration system that promotes and rewards success and excellence composed of fair and reliable compensation and other fringe benefits in line with current market conditions.