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Ready Fleet

Wise bosses rent their cars!

DenizBank and Intercity Rent A Car are opening the doors of a brand new world to you and your business by realizing a first in Turkey.

With ‘Read Fleet' all KOBI's shall now be able to rent their vehicles from DenizBank branches and benefit all advantages of operational rent* thanks to Intercity Rent-A-Car. Regardless it is a huge fleet or a single car. "Ready Fleet" is at your disposal turnkey.

Click for the application form for Ready Fleet.

Now It is Far More Advantageous to Rent Your Cars Instead of Purchasing. Rent Your Cars Because…

  • Utilize your fund that you use to purchase vehicles for enlarging your business.
  • Simply order cars… Do not waste time for vehicle purchase procedures, delivery formalities… do not wait in queues and save time…
  • Benefit from the price advantages that DenizBank and Intercity offers.
  • Own a car at the model that fits to your requirements with monthly payments; when your contract is terminated, replace with new one.
  • Make your budget in fixed monthly payments and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Take advantage of reduced tax by writing off 100% of your rentals.
  • Do not employ extra personnel and do not waste time for the management of your fleet.
  • Do not pay and do not waste time for periodic repairs and services, tax, car insurance, traffic insurance, revenue tax, exhaust emission inspections, technical inspections, periodic tire change etc… Let Intercity do all on your behalf.
  • Benefit from call center and road assistance services that Intercity provides round the clock through the week.
  • While your vehicle is being repaired after an accident, carry out your operations with an equivalent vehicle as yours that Intercity shall supply.
  • Second hand sale of company vehicles is difficult; do not make effort to sell your vehicles and pay no extra tax for second hand sales.
  • We deliver the vehicles that you rent at the authorized dealers in all over Turkey, which is nearest to you.

DenizBank Advantages with "Ready Fleet"

  • Your rentals will be timely paid from DenizBank "Ready Fleet" account even if your account is short at the time of rental payments.
  • DenizBank Business or with Fuel Collection System, your fuel payments will be under control.
  • Use DenizBank Checkbook for 1 year free of charge*. (except taxes and legal obligations)
  • With the Individual Insurance Scheme that DenizHayat Sigorta offers, protect your and your employees' life standards against the misfortunes that might occur as result of accidents.

Come on wise bosses… Sell our your vehicles and visit the nearest DenizBank branch in order to rent new ones.

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