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Leasing is a medium and long term financing method through which companies can meet their financing needs to realize their investments.

Who can use leasing?

All tax payer legal persons, the self-employed, farmers, foundations, cooperatives, joint ventures, joint stock companies and limited liability companies can use leasing.

What products can be purchased by leasing?

All your investments subject to amortization are a subject matter of leasing and the following products can be purchased by Leasing:

  • Land vehicles
  • Aircrafts
  • Vessels
  • All real estate such as land, building, factory, etc.
  • Office equipment
  • Tourism equipment
  • Construction Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Textile Machinery
  • Printing Machinery

Furthermore, with the new Financial Leasing Law numbered 6361, we can create funds by leasing your movable and immovables with the Sell and Leaseback method and renew your technology by software leasing.

Deniz Leasing

  • With the synergy of DenizBank Financial Services Group
  • With the young, experienced and creative team
  • With its proactive approach and customer oriented service

Deniz Leasing aims to realize the most suitable leasing transactions for you.

For all questions and topics, you may contact us at info@denizleasing.com.

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Tel : (212) 348 94 00
Fax : (212) 336 33 90

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