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Collection Management Services

Shrinking profit margins at business environments further emphasize the need for planning operational costs and cash flow at finance management.

Realize your collections through Cash Management services provided by DenizBank, and benefit from advantages that will contribute to your operational costs and time management.

Nakit Kart is the cure-all in your commercial life because it is intended that you experience reliability, prestige and practicality, while you are purchasing goods and services from the suppliers who have contracts with DenizBank.

Nakit Kart is a payment and collection system that eliminates the difficulties, costs and risks involved in using cash, check, note and guarantee letters, which functions in entirely flexible maturity for purchase of goods by commercial enterprises. 

Nakit Kart for Product/Service Suppliers

Sell your products and services by Nakit Kart and take advantage of the contemporary system.

The Advantages of Nakit Kart for you:

  • You will save cost and eliminate operational risks of checks, notes, guarantee letters and other collection methods; so you will have the advantage of competition,  
  • You avoid the risk of carrying cash;  
  • You save cost of collection charges and commissions of checks and notes,  
  • You avoid loss of value date at collection of check and notes,  
  • You can monitor regularly your time receivables,   
  • You will have operational benefit by making automatic accounting,  
  • Because our bank guarantees collection of your receivables at maturity, when products/services are sold within the guarantee limits of the Bank, you will have a planned and productive finance management,  
  • Because your receivables are secured, you reduce the risk premium that you reflected unto your prices and so you obtain a competition advantage. 
  • Besides, you will have the ease of following up many of your transactions rapidly through Açıkdeniz internet branch without going to branch.
    • You can monitor limits, exposures and post dated transactions of card holders and see how much additional transaction you can make on the card thanks to monitoring available limit on the card. 
    • You can monitor post dated transactions of card holders, including information about maturity date and blockage release date; you can report your receivables covering a certain period to regulate your cash flow. 
    • If you want, you can postpone maturity of your transactions on the "Nakit Kart Movements Update" menu

Nakit Kart for Purchasers of Products and Services

Pay your debts arising from your product/service purchases by Nakit Kart and take advantage of the contemporary system.

While we are solving your payment problems, enjoy being involved and concentrated on your business.

The Advantages that Nakit Kart will bring to you;

  • You can make payments at flexible maturity and amount, 
  • You save taxes and commissions that you pay for check books and guarantee letters,  
  • You get rid of the risk to carry check book and cash,  
  • You take advantage of the benefits that suppliers might offer,  
  • You provide finance with reasonable interest for your due payments, whenever you need,  
  • You avoid the risk of dishonored checks thanks to the cash credit facility at maturity,  
  • You no more worry about receiving check book from banks because Nakit Kart is already a check book with indefinite sheets, 
  • Besides, you will have the ease of following up many of your transactions rapidly through Açıkdeniz internet branch without going to branch.
    • You can monitor your limit, exposure and available balance. 
    • You can monitor transactions made on Nakit Kart including maturity information. 
    • You can monitor your current exposure and repay your exposure on Nakit Kart as much as you want.

This is a cash management service facilitating companies' cheque follow up, and enabling automatic entry of cheque status information, which otherwise would be done by finance or accounting units of companies. Cheque collection information is sent to company electronically and accounting records can be created automatically following transfer of information.

Benefits of Cheque Integration to You;

  • It minimizes possible errors.  
  • Operational efficiency is ensured by sending status information of collection cheques to your company electronically and creating record in accounting system. 
  • Besides, you will have the ease of following up many of your transactions rapidly through Açıkdeniz internet branch without going to branch.
    • Thanks to "Cheque Monitoring" menu, you can view information about cheques between certain periods including detailed information about cheque's serial number, status, issuing bank etc. 
    • With a single click, you can download cheque status information, cheques entered into the system and cheque information in your portfolio and export the information from your computer to your accounting program to save time. 
    • You can immediately send information to our bank about your cheques you issue for collection again on internet branch. 
    • Besides, you can view front and back sides of cheques on internet branch and get a print out. Therefore, you no more need to keep photocopy of cheques.

The corporation shall directly send to our bank the details of the bill issued for your fuel purchases and the bill will be automatically paid from your account on due date.

Your bills will be paid at maturity even if there is no sufficient fund at your account on the date of payment thanks to your credit limit that you can use.

The Benefits of Fuel Collection System;

  • You can control the fuel expenses of your vehicles.  
  • You can organize that your vehicles take fuel at pre-defined times.  
  • You can organize that your vehicles take fuel at defined regions and provinces.  
  • You can define daily, weekly or monthly fuel consumptions of your vehicles and restrict fuel intake over these limits.

It is a cash management system which ensures payments by third parties to your company through a special collection screen tailor-made for your company by the branches of our Bank, and creation of automatic records in the accounting system of your company by sending payment details to your company in the electronic environment.

Benefits of The Money Transfer Integration

  • You obtain a huge benefit against your competitors by increasing the number of collection points accessible by your clients through this system.  
  • You can enjoy automatic accounting system thanks to the electronic transfer of realized collections to your company, and simplify your collection operation.
  • You can easily follow which customer paid what amount on the code basis thanks to the collection by a customer code.

You may use your DenizBank account in order to avoid from check/promissory note collection operation and to protect against the risk of theft. Also, you may benefit from our loans with short term maturity like "Revolving Loan".

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