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Factoring is the transaction in which companies assign their receivables arising from sale of goods and services to factoring company, which provides Guarantee, Collection and Financing services.

Especially for the companies in SME scale, cash flow is an element supporting business continuity. Factoring regulates cash flow of companies, and helps them increase operating capital.

Functions of factoring

Guarantee service:

Deniz Factoring assumes the buyer's risk of default and guarantees the seller's receivables arising from future sales.
Thanks to this service, companies get the opportunity to penetrate new buyers and markets without any risks.

Collection service:

Deniz Factoring assumes on behalf of the seller collection of assigned invoice and other related payment tools. The company follows up invoice collections for open accounts per debtor and informs the customers about details of their current account. Thanks to this service, companies can save time and labor they spend for collection transactions and focus on more essential issues such as investment and marketing instead.

Financing service (Cash Management):

Companies assigning their receivables to Deniz Factoring can use a portion of these receivables in cash before maturity. Companies using this service can regulate their cash flow.

Public Finance

DenizFactoring provides funding services in the Public sector as well. In this context, municipalities and satellite companies, other public bodies are able to assign receivables from the sale of goods and services to DenizFactoring as a funding option.

Cost of Factoring

Factoring Commission:

Based on the receivables assigned by the customer, Deniz Factoring applies the most competitive commissions in return for costs incurred in investigating creditworthiness, risk acceptance, maintaining receivables accounts, realizing collections and similar factoring services.

Factoring Fee:

This is the interest rate applied in return for the financing provided by Deniz Factoring determined according to domestic and international market conditions. International factoring transactions are exempted from all taxes, duties, and charges. For domestic factoring transactions, factoring fee and commission are subject to 5% of Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax but exempted from Utilization Support Fund.

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