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  • Advance Payment
    • The importer makes an advance payment for the goods; prior to the shipment of the goods by the exporter. In this type of payment, the buyer must have absolute trust that the seller will fulfill his obligation.
  • Cash Against Goods
    • The importer makes the required payments after clearing the goods through customs. The exporter is bearing the risk of non-payment, as there is no payment guarantee for the goods.
  • Cash Against Goods with Acceptance
    • This type of payment is regulated by a bill of exchange. If the importer’s bank avalizes the bill of exchange on behalf of the importer, then, the payment of the bill of exchange is guaranteed by the bank by means of a liability imposed upon the bank as per its aval.
  • Cash Against Documents
    • This is a payment method where the exporter ships the goods and then presents the documents relevant to the transaction to its bank and the exporter’s bank relays the same to the importer’s bank with an instruction releasing the documents to the importer in return for the importer’s payment.
  • Cash Against Documents with Acceptance
    • The goods are shipped and the relevant bill of exchange is drawn by the seller on the buyer and documents are sent to the seller’s bank with clear instructions to release documents against acceptance of the bill of exchange by the buyer.

Import LC

Letter of Credit:

A letter of credit (“LC”) is a conditional bank guarantee that provides a payment guarantee to the exporter upon the fulfilment of obligations in accordance with the specified terms of the LC. In a letter of credit, the importer’s bank acts as an intermediary between the importer and the exporter and guarantees, on behalf of the importer, that payment will be made to the exporter -once certain conditions are fulfilled.

Types of Letter of Credit

  • Revocable
  • Irrevocable
  • Confirmed
  • Unconfirmed
  • Deferred
  • Sight
  • Mixed Payment
  • Acceptance
  • Standby
  • Revolving
  • Red Clause
  • Transferable
  • Back-to-Back

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