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Sever Eccount

With Saver Account, now it is very easy to put money aside each month!

Give instructions from your credit card or your demand deposit account, accumulate for your future.

Internet Banking

Saver Account offers you the opportunity to make savings in weekly and monthly periods with small amounts starting from TL 50, USD/EUR 25 or 0.5 grams of Gold in line with the order you will give from your demand deposit account or credit card.

Plus the opportunity of making regular savings in quarters, halves and full coins waits for you in Saver Account!


  • Saver Account is a demand deposit account, thus no interest is charged to this account and it does not have any term.
  • Saver Account can be opened in TL, USD, EUR and Gold.
  • To save in gold, you can give orders in terms of grams and “quarters, halves or full coins”.
  • Upon your order, money is regularly and automatically deposited to your Saver Account from your demand deposit account or credit card.
  • You can capitalize your savings with the regular saving order you will give monthly or weekly.
  • Regular saving order can be given for a period of minimum 90 days.
  • You can withdraw or deposit money from/to your Saver Account whenever you want.
  • You can only use DenizBank credit cards for the orders you will give with your credit card.

How can I open an account?

You can open a Saver Account through AçıkDeniz Internet Banking or the nearest DenizBank branch.

Deposit accounts opened in the name of natural persons, deposits not subject to business transactions, and the deposits in TL, FX and precious metals are within the scope of insurance up to TL 150,000 for a real person at a deposit bank.

With the letter of Turkish Revenue Administration dated 21.05.2020 and decision of Presidency of Republic dated 24.05.2020, it has been decided that 1% Foreign Exchange Expense Tax be collected in book entry gold sale transactions realized by banks without physical deliveries. Relevant tax amount is reflected on our customers’ account during their gold buying transactions.

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