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Opportunity to withdraw money from your time deposit account before maturity!

Your account maturity does not change and your savings continue to accumulate

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Thanks to the Withdrawable Time Deposit Account, you can withdraw money from your principal amount within the limits set by our bank without having to wait for or changing the maturity date for your time deposit. Moreover, the benefit of getting the full amount of the accumulated interest in the withdrawal transactions that you will make for long periods of 1 year is possible with the Withdrawable Time Deposit Account !!**


  • You can withdraw money in cash for urgent needs without having to wait for maturity date. The remaining principal amount will continue to accumulate interest until maturity date.
  • Withdrawable Time Deposit Account can be opened at all maturities ranging from 1 month to 400 days.
  • Standard interest continues to accrue for the amount remaining in the account and you receive 0.25% interest for the amount you withdraw.
  • You can make withdrawals without waiting for the maturity of your time deposits and without interrupting the maturity term of your deposits.
  • You can get the full amount of the accumulated interest in case of withdrawals that you will make for maturities longer than 1 year.**


  • Cash withdrawal is possible at numerous times until you reach your limit.
  • You can withdraw cash whenever you wish starting from the day following the date of account opening.
  • Withdrawable Time Deposit Account can be opened for deposits in TL (Turkish Lira) and XAU (Gold).
  • TL 150,000 of time deposit accounts are under the guarantee of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

How can I open an account?

You can open a Withdrawable Time Deposit Account via Internet Banking or at the nearest DenizBank branch.

** For 2 withdrawal transactions up to 50% of the account balance, you can get the whole amount of the accumulated interest.
*The interest rates indicated are annual, gross and simple interest rates.
Deposit accounts opened in the name of natural persons, deposits not subject to business transactions, and the deposits in TL, FX and precious metals are within the scope of insurance up to TL 150,000 for a real person at a deposit bank.

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