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Domestic Brokerage Activities

Capitalize on your savings with the guarantee of DenizYatırım, the Brokerage House with the widest network in Turkey.

If you would like to capitalize on your savings by purchasing equities at Istanbul Stock Exchange and becoming a shareholder in the preeminent companies in Turkey, DenizYatırım is ready to be there with its wide network and expert staff...

You can place your buy/sell orders via;

  • DenizYatırım Agencies
  • AçıkDeniz Internet Branch
  • Transaction Platforms
  • 08502220800 Call Center
  • Our Kiosks
  • And all DenizBank Branches

You can place your order at DenizBank Branches and DenizYatırım Agencies within working hours and through alternative distribution channels 24 hours a day. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn BONUS when you carry out your equities transactions through alternative distribution channels.

International Corporate Investor Services

Capacity to execute orders below market averages thanks to an experienced trading team

The DenizBank Financial Services Group cooperates with respectable brokerage houses of the world in foreign markets and is about to complete all infrastructure work to provide intermediation service for trading all kinds of securities or asset-based derivative products.

  • Foreign marketing team composed of experienced names in the sector
  • Customer-oriented and fast-paced transaction capacity
  • Capacity to execute orders below market averages thanks to an experienced trading team
  • Opportunity to access foreign funds investing for the long term in foreign sales of public offerings
  • Staff experienced in clearance and operations in foreign transactions

Direct Market Access (DMA)

DenizYatırım offers equities trading services in world stock exchanges to its investors and provides direct access for international corporate investors to ISE and TurkDex with the Electronic Trading System.

Corporate Finance

DenizYatırım Corporate Finance Team provides consultancy and brokerage services to companies wishing to sell their equities by the finance methods listed below, primarily public offering method.

Corporate Finance is offered to companies which have a certain turnover or will produce a certain turnover after continuing projects/investments; are growing in real terms; possess the power to earn cash or are likely to speed up cash-earning procedures after public offering. For financing the investments of these companies public offering is a suitable financing method in order to reduce current level of indebtedness and/or to meet working capital needs.

In addition, for partners who would like to finance other fields of activity and/or invest in new fields, public offering can be used as an alternative. Besides, with Corporate Finance, services are provided to inform and orient companies about the extent to which funds should be used realistically by using other channels.

  • Public Offering
  • Company Assessment
  • Block Sales (Private Placement)
  • Company Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Privatization Consultancy (for the Privatization Administration and for buyers)
  • Public offering of bonds and bills
  • Finding foreign partners
  • Restructuring companies
  • Financial consultancy by needs


Domestic Derivatives Transactions (TurkDex)

The Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TURKDEX), which was founded on February 4, 2005 in Izmir, is the first private exchange of Turkey.

Futures contract is a standardized contract which gives the obligation to buy or sell a certain amount of financial instrument at a date in the future at a certain price. In these contracts, the qualification, amount and maturities of the asset underlying purchase or sales is standard. The price of the contracts is determined at the exchange by buyers and sellers.

Contracts traded in TurkDex are Index (ISE 100 and 30), FX (Dollar and Euro), Interest and Commodities (Gold, Cotton, Wheat) groups. The most traded contract group is index and FX.

You can carry out your TurkDex transactions through;

  • Açıkdeniz Internet Branch,
  • Data Distribution Platforms,
  • DenizYatırım agencies.

Foreign Derivatives Transactions

DenizYatırım is the first brokerage house in the country to provide both domestic and foreign investment platform which open the door to the derivatives markets all over the world.

You can now trade on Oil, Parity, Precious Metals contracts which are traded by millions of people throughout the world as well as trading in a wide variety of products from Soy Oil to Beef, Milk to Corn in Chicago; From Cocoa to Sugar, Copper to Platinum in New York; from Aluminum to Lead in London.

While trading in the world markets, you will be accompanied safely by the experienced research team of DenizYatırım.

Some of the exchanges to trade in:

  • COMEX Division of NYMEX (COMEX)
  • New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

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